Tune In To Learn About The Texas Praline Tradition | Food drink


The Texas Historical Commission (THC) gives a live presentation on the origins and journeys of Texas pralines and the connections to their culinary cousins ​​in Louisiana and Mexico. The Zoom platform takes place at 2 p.m. on Saturday October 2.

Pecan pralines are a beloved element of New Orleans Creole cuisine, and their culinary ancestors traveled a long journey from medieval Persia through Europe to French Louisiana in the New World.

Equally popular, but less known outside of Texas, are the pecan pralines found in Texan-Mexican culinary traditions. Originally sold by 19th-century Tejano street vendors, they later became the standard dessert in 20th-century Tex-Mex restaurants across the state.

What migrations in food culture have brought these caramelized, sugar-nutty sweets to Texas, and do they share any common roots with Louisiana pralines? Why are these Texas sweets called by the French term “pralines?” “

Join author and food historian MM Pack for more. The cost is free but participants must SUBSCRIBE and they will receive a link to the event by email. Donations to support the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission are appreciated.


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