These are the best things to experience in Lake Como


Lake Como lies at the foothills of the Alps in Italy with a characteristic shape resembling the letter “Y” dotted with many charming landscapes, museums, a friendly climate and unlimited opportunities for enjoyment. It is the third largest lake in Italy, with a depth of around 410 meters. Its shape results from the melting of glaciers and the erosive effect of an ancient Adda river. Lake Como is a major tourist attraction in Italy with many recreational opportunities, such as hiking, boat cruising, water sports and adventure all around its perimeter. These are the best things to experience at Lake Como.

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ten Test your skills in water sports

Lake Como is friendly and offers many water sports, including swimming, hand sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, water skiing, kite surfing and windsurfing. Opportunities abound with varying levels of difficulty and expertise to ensure visitors are spoiled for choice and guarantee a remarkable experience on Lake Como. Frenzies are affordable but definitely worth the trip. Water sports top the list of the best things to experience in Lake Como.


9 Visit the Museum of Archeology and History (Museo Civico)

The museum houses many artifacts from the Neolithic and Roman eras. The incredible collection includes products from excavations that provide a history of early man and the Romans who lived in this area. It also features arms from the famous Battle of Rigarmento – struggles for the liberation of Italy from Austria that took place here in the hills surrounding Como. In the exhibition, sections are items, including a collection of handmade lace.

  • Admission fees:
    5 euros

  • Location:
    Plaza Medaglie d’Oro 1

8 Boat cruise on Lake Como

There is no better way to feel and experience Lake Como up close than a boat cruise. The tour of the lake consists of visiting the various towns along its coastline, including Cernobbio, Como, Vallerna and Bellagio. These services offer short to long distance tours ranging from half an hour to two hours while you visit and interact with various attractions. A guide from the many tour companies around the lake explains the history of the landmarks and points out the remarkable landscapes.

seven Marvel at the gardens of Villa Melzi

The Villa is also known as the Pearl of the Bellagio. It is a charming and beautiful house built in a neoclassical style on Lake Como. From a park outside the house, tourists and visitors enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake and watch the sunset. It offers visitors not only a distance view of the structure, but also a dive into history with an ancient Japanese maple tree, Egyptian carvings, and Roman statues. Visitors also enjoy a beautiful garden with a pond filled with water lilies.

6 Stop at the Duomo (cathedral)

The church was built in the 14th century. The enormous and magnificent Gothic and Renaissance cathedral is marvelous on the site and therefore well worth a visit. It has a marble tower decorated with stones and richly carved statues. It also has a meticulously designed altar and a medieval rose window. Unexpectedly, it features statues at the side of the main entrance of a family hostile and massacred to Christians – Pliny and his children. Tourists climb its tower for a perfect view of the city of Como.

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5 Dine at one of the coolest restaurants

Lake Como is famous for its delicious dishes, mainly the characteristic Italian cuisine of fresh fish caught in the lake. Traveling without food is not complete, so dining at an Italian restaurant is one of the best things to experience in Lake Como. For a special dinner, visitors are recommended to try and book a Michelin table at “Tigli in Theoria” for a safe journey of the senses into extraordinary Italian cuisine. For dishes made from local produce, including all ingredients and spices, visit Agriturismo Sorsasso.

4 Marvel at Villa Del Balbianello

The magnificent building is distinctive enough to be seen from several vantage points in Como. The Porsche structure is surrounded by elegant and enchanting landscapes with perfectly preserved gardens and marvelous views of the charming western shore of Lake Como. The luxurious building was inhabited by Guido Manzini, who led the first Italian expedition to Mount Everest. Visitors enjoy visiting a museum located upstairs dedicated to his memory.

  • Cost:
    20 euros for adults and 10 euros for children

  • Location:
    Via Guido Monzino, 1, 22016 Tremezzina CO

3 Go cycling

There is unlimited entertainment in this top tourist destination, and cycling is one of the best things to experience when visiting Lake Como. In addition to the many water sports practiced on the lake, the electric bicycle is a must for visitors and tourists. The activity consists of renting an electric bike for 3 hours to go around Lake Como and enjoy the landscapes and elegance that surrounds it. The bike provides an audio guide that helps visitors discover the best sights of Lake Como.

  • Cost:
    65 euros per person

2 Visit the town of Bellagio

It is the most beautiful town on Lake Como. The beauty of the city is enhanced by its strategic and photographic scene at the converging point where the three arms of Lake Como meet. Tourists and adventurers enjoy the scenic viewpoint and photographic experience when visiting Como. The city also has well-kept gardens that serve as tourist attractions, not to mention the shops along the streets to buy souvenirs. Beauty is an excellent experience.

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1 Basilica of Sant’Abbondio

The Basilica of Sant’Abbondio dates back to the 5th century and has a Romanesque structure built in the 11th century in Como. The ornate structure has fine ornamentation and 14th-century frescoes inside, while under the altar are relics of Abundius. To further crown history buffs, the church exudes the shapes and trends of the various eras from which it was built. It is located outside the walls of Como under Mount Croce in an area that was previously used as a place of worship.


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