Student improves Hilltop disc golf course


By Dovan Jones | August 2, 2022

Many Cornell College students enjoy playing disc golf on campus, but when players return from summer vacation, they will notice big changes.

It was thanks to a fellow student who saw the potential for an upgrade.

Maxwell Lundt installs a disc golf basket

With the help of some campus offices and student organizations, Maxwell Lundt, a biochemistry and molecular biology junior, has been working on improvements over the past year.

The course, which has been running since 2009, has been a staple of campus life for students and community members for years. The original route ran from the front of Thomas Commons to McLennan College Hall, then behind Tarr Hall and around Ink Pond.

Lundt, originally from Colorado, has been playing disc golf for some time. He actually designed a mini-course for his elementary school in only fifth grade, so updating the Hilltop disc golf course was the next logical step.

Lundt’s project added five holes to the original nine-hole course and turned it into a full 15-hole disc golf course. Now he says the course is much better.

Instead of crossing the front of campus from Thomas Commons to McLennan College Hall and then passing behind Tarr Hall, the course now wraps around the back of the Russell Science Center and West Science Hall to connect to the holes of Ink Pond. The new course also has a hole next to Chapel Allee which crosses the lawn of the Tri-Hall. This center hole is one of Lundt’s favorites.

“I think it’s a great place because every time a record comes into the basket all three venues can hear it, it gets people’s attention,” he said.

The layout of the course wasn’t the only thing Lundt changed.

Lundt noticed that the disc golf course itself didn’t have much information or advertisements prior to its upgrades. He also tackled this by adding signs near each of the teeing areas so that anyone who shows up to start playing can see a map of the course as well as the rules of the course. Those finishing touches are what excites Lundt the most.

Image of a disc golf course map and hole instructions.
A map of the new course, which will be displayed on campus and on the Cornell College website.

“We have the signs and just holding them and knowing they’re going to come up is amazing,” he said.

Lundt not only had the satisfaction of leaving a mark on the Cornell College campus, he learned what it takes to get things done. There is a process to follow and it takes time.

“In my head, what would happen is I would just ask for the money, and I would get the money, and then I would do everything and set everything up, but I kind of learned that it’s not isn’t really how it works,” he said.

After a year of work, it’s almost finished.

When the students arrive in August, Lundt says he’s excited to see everyone playing the new course and exploring campus in a new way, just like he did in 2020 as a freshman. year playing disc golf on the Hilltop.


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