Pig Ate My Pizza to close, New Brewing to replace


The most creative pizza place in the Twin Cities, and most certainly Robbinsdale, is going to be gone. The Work Collective The pig ate my pizza is undergoing major changes and will be relaunched in the new year under the name New Brewing.

“We saw the writing on the wall, and it was difficult for us. You know, in a way, we didn’t want to disappoint the people who love Pig, but we also didn’t want to disappoint the chefs and talented brewers we have by keeping them in a pizzeria, ”owner Mike Brown told me.

Nat Moser, Ben Feltman and Alexandra Althoff are the culinary talents who have been with Travail from the start. Brewer Andy Goettsch makes top-notch beers, but owners feel his work is overshadowed. This is part of the reason why they are changing the concept.

Brown, along with his partners James Winberg and Bob Gerken, is evolving the space from a full-service restaurant to New Brewing, which will act more like a brewhouse. This will allow Goettsch, previously Chef de Travail, to focus more on fine beers. According to a statement from PAMP, “At the start of Labor, we were fortunate to be the very first accounts of many local breweries. This time around, it’s about the beer that our longtime chef is making. to create.”

This new hybrid model will offer bar seating and foot controls, in addition to installing new communal tables and special Pitcher Pong game tables. You will still be able to eat good food, but the menu will be different. Some of the PAMP pizzas may be back and available at certain times, but the heart of the menu will go through different concepts. If you remember the In Residence Minneapolis pop-ups in 2019, you’ll know that frequent change, innovation, and evolution are the soul of Work.

“We think people are looking for variety, like in food halls, and we know our cooks want to do more than just make pizza for the rest of their lives,” Brown said, “so it made sense to we are bringing that creativity Work back into space. ” And that includes with the service. You’ll be ordering at a real human’s counter (no QR codes), and there will be some frills at the table when your food is delivered. Take a pint, order a salt-roasted prime rib for the table, and it’ll be delivered and finished with a sizzling butter show. “We started with cooks delivering food, and we’re bringing that back to connect with people again.”

PAMP is open now for the rest of the month with the new seating arrangement and a shorter version of the PAMP menu, featuring a few classics like the Piggy Pie, while also launching some of the new dishes (find a Das Burger and loaded fries, along with a few other family-style tableware items.) New Years Eve will be an open, ticket-free farewell party for Pig. “We know a ton of our regulars have a sentimental place in their hearts for Pig, and so do we. It wasn’t easy, but we think it’s the right way forward for all of us. people will come and give this development a chance. “

New Brewing is officially launched around midnight of the New Year.

Stephanie March

Food and Dining editor-in-chief Stephanie March writes and edits the Eat + Drink section of Mpls.St. Paul magazine. She can also be heard on Saturdays on her myTalk107.1 radio show, Weekly Dish, where she talks about the Twin Cities food scene.

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December 8, 2021

4:19 p.m.


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