Minneapolis Park Board of Directors to Vote on Future of Hiawatha Golf Course


Park board vice chair LaTrisha Vetaw told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the master plan has taken a thorough and thoughtful approach to making the best possible decision for the golf course and the citizens of Minneapolis.

“I think we’ve done the best job possible to come up with something that will work for as many people as possible,” Vetaw said. “We are doing our best and doing our best to make sure that there remains a legacy of golf whether it is 18 holes or nine holes.”

One of the biggest issues is whether to reduce the Hiawatha Golf Course from 18 to nine holes. The recent flooding has raised environmental concerns about the pumping of water from the golf course and the effects this could have on the water table.

Alan Cobb, a regular at Hiawatha for over 20 years, said he would like to see an 18-hole golf course left with a few extra amenities so more people can use it as a park as well as a field. golf course similar to what was done at Golden Valley’s Brookview Golf Course.

“They’ve built a wonderful community center there where they have meeting rooms, a daycare and a bar and grill,” Cobb said. “I think you could do something like that here while still preserving this magnificent 18-hole golf course.”

The park council is expected to take a final vote on the master plan on Wednesday, and the council is also expected to vote and approve a resolution calling for the Hiawatha clubhouse to be named in honor of civil rights pioneer Solomon Hughes Sr.

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