How to fix Giants in 2022: New York expected to reverse course on Joe Judge, adds QB competition


The Giants have only made the playoffs once in the past nine years, and their 4-13 result in 2021 marked their fifth consecutive losing season. GM Dave Gettleman is set to retire, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know New York needs more than a change to right the ship. The problem is, where do they go from here? What else can they do to get back on track?

You have come to the right place. Here are five steps to help fix the giants:

1. Dismiss Judge Joe

Pleading for someone to lose their job shouldn’t be done lightly, but Judge could quickly find another job in the NFL. More importantly, his track record as a head coach is indefensible. The G-Men might not want to continue to mix coaches (and rightly so), but they’ve gone 10-23 under Judge since 2020, and they’ve been significantly worse in Judge’s second season despite the ‘addition of a 17th game by the NFL. Despite his tough public figure, he also oversaw a rather sheepish team. A reset would benefit everyone.

2. Hire a proven attacking spirit

There are exceptions to the contemporary preference for offensive head coaches, but the surest path to success in today’s NFL is proven and / or innovative on this side of the ball. The Giants tried unsuccessfully eccentric (Ben McAdoo), passive (Pat Shurmur) and aggressive (Joe Judge) personalities. What they really need is someone who knows how to organize games, outsmart opponents and keep the dressing room on a winning trajectory. Whether it’s a younger name like the Rams ‘Kevin O’Connell or a more veteran option like the Bills’ Brian Daboll, they just need someone who can guide the offensive foundation.

3. Get the QB competition for Daniel Jones

It’s good to bring Jones back; the old first round is cheap in the last year of his rookie contract, and he has shown promise under poor circumstances. But to enter 2022 with him as an undisputed starter would be total professional misconduct. New York doesn’t really seem like a logical destination for an All-Pro like Russell Wilson, given the other holes to fill. But they have two choices from the top 10. If one of them isn’t used to draft a potential Jones replacement, they’d better add someone like Teddy Bridgewater or Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota to get Jones to his job, before reassessing in 2023.

Not because Barkley is bad. But the only other logical option is for the former first-round player to play his rookie contract and hit free agency in 2023. Few teams are likely to launch lucrative offers for a running back who hasn’t been in full swing. health for something like four years. But the Giants would be smart to get something decent for Barkley, who is still only 24, while they can.

5. Choose the trenches

No matter who’s under center in 2022, the Giants need to tackle the offensive line. They claimed to do it before 2021, but neither Jones, nor Mike Glennon nor Jake Fromm received adequate help from the start. They also have to contend with their pass rush – another area that deserved but did not receive proper reinforcements before this season. Easier said than done, fixing both sides of the trenches, but if New York City can invest one of its first two turns in a starter on either side of the balloon, that would help the rest of the list go a long way. . .


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