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Classic French cuisine, with well-chosen modern embellishments and Mediterranean influences, makes Petits Plats a much-loved addition to Bangkok’s burgeoning bistro scene.

Cool interiors filled with art at Les Petits Plats

The Velaa Sindhorn Village lifestyle resort on Langsuan Road has no shortage of upscale drinks and dining. One of the most recent additions to this esteemed range is Petits Plats, which has quietly made a name for itself among discerning diners since opening in January.

The restaurant is owned by the same parent company behind Burger & Lobster, Jimmy’s Steak & Fries, Boba and Vaso – which is right across from Petits Plats – so when it first launched it already had a certain culinary cachet. However, do not imagine for a moment that this is a place of restoration that is grafted on its predecessors. On the contrary, he innovates with daring with a menu of French and European classics, sometimes reinterpreted in a modern, almost flawless style. If I were an Olympic judge I would be tempted to give it a 10, but maybe coming out of an extended lockdown made me too excited for the sheer joy of dining out… no matter what. or !

Burgundy snails
Burgundy snails

All hyperbole aside, this is evident from the very first of my six succulent snails on the Burgundy snails tray that the Turkish-born chef Eray Katirci knows what French cuisine is. Winged, buttery and perfectly tender, these mouthwatering shellfish are decorated with a dark green blend of fresh herbs Рparsley, tarragon and dill Рand served with slices of toasted house brioche. It feels like a moment transported to a cozy bistro in Paris, with all the delicious clich̩s that entails.

Chief Eray Katirci
Chef Eray Katirci

The intimate interior of Petits Plats also evokes memories of European bistro bliss, with diners having the option of choosing one of the 10 seats at the marble bar – facing the open kitchen – or one of the few half-dozen. of tables in the art-filled main room, where white walls and mirrored alcoves are teeming with brilliant reproductions of paintings and sculptures by modern masters such as Fernando Botero, Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, and Keith Haring. For more private matters, an attractive circular staircase leads to a room on the second floor where ten or so guests can dine together. The large table here is flanked by open shelves displaying the restaurant’s collection of French wines, all selected from small wineries.

Chicory salad
Endive salad with walnuts

For my meal, I am happily installed in the arty room, where the next plate placed in front of me consists of a refreshing endive salad; all drizzled with honey mustard vinaigrette and served with generous dollops of rich Gorgonzola cheese, crunchy caramelized nuts and fresh chives. It’s one of the chef’s original creations, and after tasting it I’m not surprised that it has become a signature dish. This is followed by the Crustacean Salad, a cylindrical-shaped serving of fresh king crab and Canadian lobster – “one of the best lobsters in the world” according to the chef – mixed with seasonal vegetables. It’s light but substantial, and the signature citrus vinaigrette adds some needed flavor.

Crustacean Salad
Crustacean Salad

The seafood showcase continues with a tuna tartare, this time with locally sourced fish. Pickles, capers and shallots are added to the firm pink chunks of chopped Thai tuna, along with a flavored soy sauce dressing made with orange juice and bonito flakes. In the middle of it all is a dried quail egg yolk, and it’s all accompanied by a scoop of Oscietra caviar, served (as it should be) on a mother-of-pearl spoon.

Tuna tartare with quail egg yolk
Tuna tartare with quail egg yolk
Lemon and tomato table setting
Lemon and tomato table setting

This is when my lunch is a bit DIY, and I take care of making my own seasoning. All of the dishes at the Petits Plats table include a lemon and a tomato (plus a knife to cut them), as well as pink and white salt and pepper shakers, and a large-bodied ceramic olive oil bottle emblazoned with the restaurant logo. It’s a cute touch, designed to allow guests to customize the aroma of their dishes, and Chef Eray explains that by adding olive oil, salt and pepper to the yolk of my dish and making stirring it briskly, I can create my own mayonnaise. . What a surprise!

Rigatoni with pesto
The chef’s fantastic Pesto Rigatoni, a new menu item

The afternoon then makes a little detour south to Italy when a mouthwatering bowl of pesto pasta arrives. This is one of the new menu items that the chef suggested I try, and I couldn’t be happier. The rigatoni tubes are completely soaked in the tasty pesto sauce – just how I like it – with lots of fresh burrata (creamy, not watery), homemade sundried tomatoes, and a garnish of fresh basil leaves completing the dish.

Duck confit
Duck confit with butternut squash risotto

Another item on the new menu that I’m invited to sample is the duck confit served on a bed of butternut squash risotto. Chef Eray describes it as “my signature dish,” explaining how the duck leg is seasoned for several hours in its own special spice blend, then cooked in olive oil for eight hours at a low temperature. This dish easily ticks all the boxes for me. The meat is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, while the risotto is aromatic, flavorful, and has just the right amount of bite on the rice. If I ever have to choose my last meal, I think this one – preceded by the pesto rigatoni – has a good chance of making the short list.

Pork chop with a side of House Fries
Pork chop with a side of House Fries

When the hearty and always sizzling pork chop appetizer arrives next, I begin to realize that the name Petits Plats (French for “small plates”) certainly does not apply to every dish on the menu. Here, Chef Eray used local pork which he marinated for 12 hours in a brine of water, spices, fresh herbs and garlic, infusing all the flavors into this plump and generous piece of meat. . It is then cooked under a vacuum, before being finished on the grill with butter, garlic, rosemary and thyme, and glazed with a paste of black garlic, honey and mustard. Accompanied by a small mound of mixed mustard, it’s tender, juicy and, quite simply, superb. And if your calorie counter allows it, order a side dish of Home fries – homemade fries that go through three different cooking processes to keep them crispy on the outside and mashed on the inside.

French toast
French toast

Finally, from the dessert menu with four choices, the chef offers you the French toast, or “French toast with ice cream,” as he calls it.

“It’s like classic French toast for breakfast, but we do it as a dessert,” he says. “The butter brioche is dipped in a mixture of cream, then fried with butter and sugar so that it is caramelized on the outside. Served with a salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, it’s creamy, salty and sweet at the same time.

art lining the walls of Les Petits Plats
Fabulous art reproductions lining the walls of Les Petits Plats

As I chat with Chef Eray over this divinely decadent dessert, the love handles are to hell! – he continues by telling me how he spent the last years working in Dubai, before settling in Bangkok specifically for this new restaurant. And while the race has been a bit bumpy so far, with Covid closures and alcohol restrictions, I see a bright future for this talented chef. At the very least, he clearly understands that dry ice doesn’t make a dish any more delicious and that garlic, butter, and olive oil are pretty much the holy trinity when it comes to food that satisfies both. stomach and soul.

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