Anthony Bourdain’s 10 Best Episodes, According To IMDb


Anthony Bourdain: Unknown parts is an American travel and food show that first aired in 2013 and ended after Bourdain’s tragic death in 2018. As host of the show, Bourdain has traveled the world where he discovered places that are not the usual tourist destinations. He immersed himself in their culture as well as in their cuisine.

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ten Charleston, South Carolina (8.2)

Anthony Bourdain in a restaurant chatting with someone in front of him in Parts Unknown.

9 Nashville (8.2)

Anthony Bourdain cutting ingredients on a kitchen counter with two people beside him in Parts Unknown.

8 Porto, Portugal (8.2)

Anthony Bourdain holding a wineglass standing next to someone sipping wine in Parts Unknown.

7 Lyon (8.3)

Bourdain is with Daniel Boulud in Lyon, France, where he prepares to sit down with the world-renowned chef and restaurateur. Boulud naturally takes Bourdain to his hometown where they plunder restaurants and present Nouvelle Cuisine (lighter and more delicate dishes that have an exquisite presentation) to the public.

The episode masterfully details the fascinating history of French culinary art. Bourdain’s happiness at being able to taste the finest dishes in Paul Bocuse’s legendary restaurants is palpable throughout the episode.

6 Copenhagen (8.5)

Anthony Bourdain and René Redzepi on a Ferris wheel in Parts Unknown.

Chef René Redzepi and his award-winning and somewhat enigmatic restaurant, Noma, is the center of one of the best Bourdain episodes in Copenhagen. It is one of the best restaurants in the world and Bourdain is showing the public why.

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The two hang out in the relatively simple restaurant known for its luxurious dishes. Here, Redzepi reveals some of his best-kept secrets and philosophies about cooking. He tells Bourdain and viewers about his famous fermentation processes and explains the importance of looking for fresh ingredients. It’s an informative episode, giving fans a taste of one of the culinary world’s most prestigious restaurants.

5 London (8.5)

Anthony Bourdain watches a woman cook in Parts Unknown.

While Unknown partsThe best episodes of often focus on showcasing the more obscure aspects of a place, Bourdain takes the opposite approach in London and shows off its well-known traditions, from large pints of Guinness in its oldest pubs to generous portions of small ones. -traditional English breakfasts. in a British house.

If there is one thing that is unknown in this episode, it is the fate of the whole country. Bourdain’s show is not unrelated to American politics, as well as to political issues around the world. It’s no surprise that, because this episode was filmed in the aftermath of Brexit, Bourdain predictably asks the tough questions about this political event between two spoonfuls of delicious food.

4 Hong Kong (8.5)

3 Tokyo (8.6)

A Japanese band playing in Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain.

Watching Bourdain explore Tokyo is a whimsical experience, in large part due to the creative angles and glowing neon lights used to highlight the city’s electrifying beauty. The episode highlights just how vibrant and exciting life in Tokyo can be beyond the tourist attractions.

Bourdain dives directly into the music scene and the red light district, spending the majority of his time exploring the nooks and crannies of the weird and wonderful streets that surround him. It’s like he almost forgot that this was a food show, until he visited Chef Yaomichi Yasuda, who served him an exquisite sushi dish that crowns the experience. in the best possible way.

2 Newfoundland (8.6)

On a trip across the east coast of Newfoundland, Bourdain brings his “brothers”, Jeremy Charles, David McMillan and Frédéric Morin. They are all culinary experts in their own right, since they are either chefs or owners of prestigious restaurants around the world. As they explore the island, they learn about nature, wildlife and the vast choice of fish, as well as the traditions that go with them.

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The episode presents a great mix of fun times with friends and exquisite dining experiences. Bourdain savor every moment of it, from decadent foie gras to more down-to-earth fried cod. After all, every meal is better in good company.

1 Quebec (8.7)

Anthony Bourdain seated next to Dave McMillan and Fred Morin in the middle of a frozen lake in Parts Unknown.

The Quebec episode, also sometimes simply known as “Canada”, features the two managers of the popular restaurant, Joe Beef. Dave McMillan and Fred Morin join Bourdain on his thrilling journey across the country, traveling in style by train.

From one decadent meal to the next, the men clean their plates and laugh, having fun. Bourdain seems happiest of their destination in the middle of nowhere in a tiny cabin, with its thin walls shielding them from the freezing cold outside. The public can’t be faulted for thinking they only have what they caught while ice fishing for lunch – that is, until they pull out the champagne and start to shave truffles. The luxurious meal is a stark contrast to the slum; it’s an obviously absurd situation that makes the whole thing even more fun to watch, cementing it as one of Bourdain’s best episodes.

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