America reports that planned PPP action plans cannot last indefinitely



Mr. Editor,

Some members of the United States Congress recently explained that all Guyanese should share their oil wealth. The skeptic in me brings unbelief; charity brings criticism; and practice thinks my fellow Americans agree with what I have placed in front of them, Guyana and the world: the visions and plans of action developed by the PPP government cannot last indefinitely. Editor, when it comes to oil, Americans are the smartest; lots of exposure, more moving experiences: Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela. So, before American interests are shattered by bubbling and warring natives, members of Congress are making public this unbeatable interpretation of the gospel: All. As in all Guyanese must take advantage of Guyanese oil. I appreciate that after nearly a year of PPP power, the turmoil reigns. On the one hand, the Americans are supporting the machinations of the PPP leaders with astute media management, control of the security apparatuses (PR, anti-promotions and joint security team) and oil cooperation that suits their interests and to their visions. I detect the passage of the unstable and hostile Middle East to a foolproof arc of influence covering Guyana, Venezuela and Suriname; as China cements the Middle East, America recalibrates itself in Latin America. So, there is a kind and gentle call for all Guyanese to share this nation’s oil wealth.

The latter is three-fold. First, the American ambassador articulated her findings clinically and objectively on the prospects for political stability and social security. Recently, one of his compatriots (Tradewinds) was robbed. Rising crime is a by-product of the instability we are currently experiencing (low level instability) and which an unstable Guyanese police force fights in an unstable manner. In addition, qualified members of the PNC diaspora have reportedly given members of Congress the configuration of Guyanese territory, with its dangerous racial and political minefields, which do not require much to activate. From an American point of view, this would not be useful to the interests of Exxon, Hess and Schlumberger (or the fronts of AMCHAM Guyana). Therefore, members of the United States Congress have recently made noble appeals (concerns) that all Guyanese be the beneficiaries of this country’s wealth in terms of deeds, not just words. Americans have seen how the super-elites have profited elsewhere, and what it has meant for others, and their reaction. It could upend carefully crafted US plans.


GHK Lall



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