9 Kansas citizens reveal their favorite neighborhood restaurants


Oone of the best aspects of the Kansas City food and drink scene? There is always another destination to try, whether it’s the last restaurant opening or that dive bar you never really got the chance to visit. We went straight to the people who know the city best to get their picks of must-see places and dishes.

Carlos Mortera | Owner of Poi-ō

When he’s not serving Mexican barbecue in his restaurant Poi-??, you might find the chef and owner, Carlos Mortera, enjoying some of the other great Mexican places that KCK has to offer: Carniceria and Tortilleria San Antonio– he always opts for tacos al pastor and asks them to add pineapple – and Tacos el Tio, where he favors pork snouts and carnitas tacos.

For something sweet, Mortera heads to Splitlog Coffee Co. for what considers the best blueberry donut in town. “They sell out very quickly. Guys over there, they look at me and they shake their heads when they don’t have the blueberry donuts, ”he laughs, adding that a coconut latte with a little chocolate and cinnamon completes his. sweet experience.

Dagwood Cafe

Another of her favorite breakfasts? The deliciously old school Dagwood Cafe. “I went there for lunch maybe twice a week,” he says. “I always get the same thing – the special cookie, which is delicious.”

Amanda Bergmann | Lifestyle Blogger

If you are looking for a unique pizza look no further than Cabin Cart in Columbus Park, says Amanda Bergmann, yoga teacher and lifestyle blogger, who regularly shouts out her favorite local spots on her Instagram, @nomastayinkc.

“The Sicilian-style thin crust pizza with a slightly sweet sauce is my favorite in town, and luckily they even have take out pizzas if you, like me, become obsessed with taking it out of the oven a few times. times a week, ”she says, noting that her favorite dish is Pie Supreme.

Happy Gilles

Bergmann is also a big fan of that of Betty Rae, Happy Gilles and Brown & Loe. “They make great craft cocktails and the food is always up to par,” she says of the latter. “It’s perfect for a midweek happy hour or weekend brunch. Don’t leave without a prosecco tank!

We wouldn’t dare.

Keith Bradley | Co-owner of Made in KC

As co-owner of Made in KC, Keith Bradley has a lot of love for all things local, especially those near his home in Waldo.

Beer station, to me, has one of the most welcoming atmospheres for a bar in town and fits perfectly into the neighborhood, ”says Bradley.

Max’s Burgers & Gyros

He is also an admirer of Max’s Burgers & Gyros. “I really like the uniqueness of the space,” says Bradley. “It’s very small with an outdoor patio and reminds me of the classic burgers in Southern California, where I grew up.”

And for sweet treats, a Waldo favorite is dangerously close to home. “Mcclain is within walking distance of my house, and my wife loves the almond cheese pouches there – they’re a birthday must-have for her and the kids.

India Pernell and Arvelisha Woods | Mattie’s Foods Owners

India Pernell and Arvelisha Woods, the sisters behind the vegan restaurant Mattie’s Food, I love supporting other local herbal establishments, like, I love it.

“We will definitely go through a tornado just to get a world famous dog from Dead beets eatsThey shared. The hot dog cart is popping up all over town, with past residences at Paradise Garden Club and Casual Animal Brewing Co. (Follow @deadbeeteats on Instagram to see where the next basket will be.)

Dead beets eats

Of course, you can’t have hot dogs without burgers. Enter Pirate bone burgers in the Crossroads, which the sisters say takes the dish to a whole new level – they have a soft spot for the beet burger, a delicious toasted beet patty topped with avocado spread, pickled cabbage, greens and homemade aioli.

Pernell and Woods stocked up on fresh watermelon juice from Gigi’s Vegan & Wellness Cafe, a drink they describe as “bursting fireworks” in your body, in a good way, of course.

Jackie Nguyen | Owner of Café Cà Phê

that of Jackie Nguyen Cafe Cà Phê Street coffee is a favorite of Vietnamese coffee-thirsty Kansas citizens, but where does Nguyen go when his own cravings strike? Vietnamese coffee in Columbus Park.

“Since I’m not from Kansas City, I’m really homesick for my mom’s cooking,” says Nguyen. “This place has the closest feeling to home that I can get.” Her favorite order is Pho Tai, a pho with a rare streak and broth that she describes simply as “perfect”.

Cafe Bruu

She is also enamored of Cafe Bruucrème brûlée and royal boba frozen drinks.

“They really know how to make a delicious boba drink, and I’m never disappointed,” Nguyen said of the Country Club Plaza spot. “I also like supporting an Asian business in town. The owners have worked so hard to create a cool boba place in KCMO.

Jordan Fox | Owner of Foxtrot Studio

Rosedale is home to both the lifestyle brand Foxtrot Studios the retail space and the craftsman behind the wares, Jordan Fox. Naturally, he is well acquainted with the culinary highlights of the neighborhood, which includes many exceptional Mexican joints: Corporals along Merriam Lane is his benchmark for chimichangas with Carniceria and Tortilleria San Antonio for the tacos.


During this time, El Pollo Rey is his favorite place in the city to take people on an unexpected experience. “El Pollo Rey emphasizes a few simple ideas and makes them great,” he says. As for what to try? “Order the half chicken. Ended.”

Fox also has a new hangout in the form of a take-out concept. Chixen, where he opts for The Culture, a chicken patty topped with citrus coleslaw, Swiss cheese and jerk aioli. He recommends crossing the street to Whitmore Park for your delicious chicken burger.

Ted Liberda | Owner of Buck Tui BBQ

For over 30 years, Ted Liberda of Waldo Thai Place and Buck Tui barbecue dated Shawnee’s Pine and bamboo garden, while enjoying favorites like sizzling hot beef, roast duck and seared meatballs. For American-style roast duck, Liberda crosses the state border and visits Brookside Poultry for what he calls the best version in town, featuring chef Charles D’Ablaing’s fried chicken steak and fried green tomatoes.

Brookside Poultry

“And if Tyler Harp does pop-ups with his chest, we’re here,” Liberda said of the brain behind Barbecue Harp. “I love going to these restaurants because I know the owners and the chefs,” he adds. “They are the best in the business and cook the best food. I like to know where the food comes from and who prepares it.

Jay Sanders | Owner of drastic measures

Jay Sanders’ cocktail bar, Drastic measures, brings a fine cocktail experience to Shawnee. But outside of work, he looks to places closer to his home in Westport.

“The quality of food and service that has been consistently produced from Westport Cafe is no secret, ”says Sanders. “But if you haven’t had their lamb bao on their menu then you really need to prioritize a trip there: ground lamb, tahini sauce, spices, grated carrot and serrano. It’s too good to miss.


Sanders is also a big supporter of Chewology, which recently moved from the Lenexa public market to the former Bluestem space.

“I love their beef and kimchi patties,” he says. “I found myself placing orders for three plates at a time while owner Katie [Liu-Sung] politely pleases me. She is the best: a super kind person who is passionate about her job and her hospitality. His move to Westport is one of the things I look forward to the most for the coming year.

Godfrey Riddle | Founder of Saint Civique

The Servaes brewery in Shawnee stands out in more than one way, says Godfrey Riddle, founder of Saint Civic, a lifestyle company that donates a portion of the proceeds to organizations that fight for racial and social equity.

“Not only are these some of the most creative and delicious beers I’ve had in town, but Servaes is unique in being the only LGBTQ-owned brewery in Kansas City,” says Riddle. “As a member of the LGBTQ community, it’s always nice to be able to support my fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. “


Her other favorites in town include The Mercure room and Bar verdigris for cocktails, Creperie of the Seven Swans for breakfast and coffee, and The Hawaiian Brothers, where he opts for the sweet and spicy Molokai chicken with an extra macaroni salad. Riddle also frequented The Russell owners’ new Main Street spot, Tailor.

“Mussels, steak and fries or duck confit are almost impossible to pass up,” he says. “Plus, I can’t wait to try the Salmon or Berkshire pork on my next visit.”

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