If you are looking for a personal loan or online microcredit that you can access in a few minutes and with which you have the possibility to choose what type of credit you want, CreditaerMarket is one of the companies that will give you the most variety; since CreditaerMarket is one of the platforms that offers comparative users of all the companies that give credits with the requirements that you have requested.

How CreditaerMarket works

In order to get the amount of money you need, you just have to answer some very simple questions through which CreditaerMarket can find out what the needs of the people asking for the credits are.

The platform gives you the best options for you, without this implying a commitment, the credit response will be given in a few minutes, but you can decide at the last moment whether you want it or not.

Bankero is now CreditaerMarket

Bankero is now CreditaerMarket

The Bankero platform is the new CreditaerMarket and its entire platform is a great searcher and comparator of financing products among which are loans, mortgages, credit cards, deposits and bank accounts of all kinds. The previous page of Bankero no longer exists and the new presentation comes from the hand of a new page more colorful and full of colors. The interface is much more intuitive than the previous one and the products are much easier to search.

In addition, the Bankero team of professionals has expanded to CreditaerMarket in order to provide better online service and make your life easier when it comes to finding a new credit.

What are the benefits offered by CreditaerMarket

CreditaerMarket It has several benefits compared to other comparators. One of the first is that they have the leadership in evaluating each case with the greatest speed and the highest acceptance of credits because within them the best credit can be found for each case. The reason is that CreditaerMarket searches in more than 50 banks and financial institutions, choosing only the best for each case.

The entity is an expert in all types of financing with a great experience of more than 10 years. His journey began in 2007.

What you can find inside the CreditaerMarket platform

What you can find inside the CreditaerMarket platform

Within the platform, you will find the following options.

CreditaerMarket Loans :

Types of loans for Vehicles

You can get a loan from 2000 euros to 15,000. The first thing you should do is choose the amount you are looking for. Afterwards, the platform will ask you what your monthly income is to be able to find deadlines and credits according to what you earn.

They will also ask you about the work situation and if you are on the list of defaulters.

Types of Motorcycle Loans

Then you will find the motorcycle loan area where the platform will look for the best option in online credits so you can buy the bike you are looking for. By choosing the option and after passing a few simple questions you can enjoy the credit

You will also count for renovations, which will allow you to renovate your home to the possibility of buying new furniture or even both.

Unification of debts

To enjoy many things, sometimes we have to ask for several different credits, which can lead to debts that exceed us at some point. For these cases the best option is the reunification of debts.

Loans and fast loans

In CreditaerMarket you can find fast loans and credits online from 100 euros to 10,000 euros and normally you should return it in a period of one month to 5 years. Some companies can give you the possibility to extend the payment deadline for a small amount of money, which will allow you to have more time and that the company does not put you on the list of defaulters.

The data they ask for is minimal, since they will only ask for the DNI and some basic banking information.

In this type of credits, the advantages that are presented are the speed with which they occur and the few procedures with which you have to work to get a loan.

Its main advantages are the immediacy with which they are granted and the few procedures that they require. While its great disadvantage is its cost, higher than the rest of loans.

CreditaerMarket Mortgages:

CreditaerMarket gives you the possibility of finding the best options in mortgages, since you only have to put your personal data and a little information about your finances, as well as choosing the best option within your possibilities for you and your family.

This is one of the best mortgage comparators in the market, since for the client the best in interests, commissions and connections.

CreditaerMarket also has a full mortgage simulator.

CreditaerMarket credit cards:

Through CreditaerMarket, you can also get credit cards for you. This allows you to postpone the different payments of your purchases. This type of card is revolving credits and most companies give them to all their clients. The amount of money that can be found in these cards increases with the passage of time and as you return the money to the card you can use it again.

The maximum amount that may be available is established in the contract of issuance of the same and may vary depending on the financial institution that depends and the credit history of the client, the same happens with the reimbursement period. In addition, it can be modified if the bank or bank and the owner reach an agreement. Deferring expenses with credit cards means applying an average interest that ranges between 12 and 25% APR.

In this type of credits, you only pay the interest for the amount of money you use each time and not for the total of that credit. Another advantage of this type of credit is that you do not need to change banks to get one.

What requirements do you need to have a card

To access a card, you must take into account the requirements that are requested to acquire one. In most cases, the bank situation of the borrower, in addition to the money he earns per month are things that almost all banks take into account. The cards that are given to the clients, increase the amount of the pre-granted credit as the client complies with his payments.

Bank accounts

Finally, CreditaerMarket gives you all the benefits when looking for bank accounts that have exactly what you are looking for. Just put what the bank account of your dreams should have and in a few minutes you will have the entire selection of bank accounts to choose the one you like the most.

CreditaerMarket deposits

In this platform, you can find the best option in deposits of all kinds, being one of the best options to find the type of deposit you are looking for. In addition, you will find a deposit simulator within the platform that will help you to simulate the type of performance it will give you and the periods in which this will happen once IRPF retention is applied.



Although CreditaerMarket is not an entity as such that will give you credit, it is a large database on banking products that will give you a list of the best online platforms that can give you a credit based on the data you have put in your application. This will save you time, besides a lot of money, since it will avoid the companies that show a very high commission or those that have had a bad reputation, besides giving you the list of the platforms with the highest number of satisfied clients.

The platform also has a filter that allows you to find everything more quickly and divide the types of credits, the types of loans by banks, the loans that are granted for a specific purpose, the entities that will give you cards and a selection of the best banks.