The cheapest loans are offered by online banks

The cheapest loans are offered by online banks

Borrow money cheaply from an online bank – Zaloan Bank. Choose from an offer of Micro, Plus or Credit overdrafts that will best suit your current financial needs.

Zaloan Credit – a modern loan in your direction

Zaloan Credit - a modern loan in your direction

The overdraft Zaloan Credit offers you extra comfort. A quick bank loan makes it more accessible than ever. We will transfer up to CZK 80,000 to your account in nonstop mode, immediately after loan approval.

It just depends on you when and when you repay the loan to get the cheapest. You can either settle the loan in one full amount or send minimum installments. You will also appreciate the possibility of repeated requests. You pay interest on Zaloan Credit only when you actually use your money, while keeping your account free of charge.

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Zaloan Bank sends loans to client accounts immediately after approval in a number of countries around the world. Cheaper and more convenient loans online Zaloan has been on the financial market since 2005. During that time, the company has acquired more than 2 million satisfied clients.

Today, you can borrow from 500 to 20,000 CZK for 7 to 45 days with Zaloan Bank, with the option to double your maturity by 30 days. There are other modern financial products available and new ones are increasing.

Zaloan loans are already proven in our country

Zaloan has been on our financial market for many years (first as Zaloan Czech) and is proven to be a fully secure financial institution. This is evidenced by reviews by independent financial experts and by the experience of clients that are published on the Internet.

Of course, the cheapest loan is a free loan

Of course, the cheapest loan is a free loan

Of course, the cheapest loan is a free loan, without interest or other charges. If your account is empty and there are still many days left to pay, Zaloan’s first-rate loan is also free for you.

The bank offers new clients the opportunity to get to know its services through a free first loan. This means that you will borrow up to CZK 9,000 (up to 30 days) and return the same amount on the agreed date (for example, a loan of CZK 7,500 = return of CZK 7,500). Just keep due date – for a delay, but also a deliberate extension of the loan (up to 60 days) is already paid.

Also welcome as a short-term loan for entrepreneurs

Also welcome as a short-term loan for entrepreneurs

Also entrepreneur Petr R. of Kromeriz found that a short-term loan from Zaloan Bank is the cheapest loan for him. He appreciated him as a quick loan without collateral and guarantor, settled without administrative delays. He says : “I borrowed for the first time at Zaloan Bank, specifically CZK 5,000 to buy a new printer and supplies. Once the late payments have been credited to my account, I refunded the same amount. Everything was fast and without paperwork, which I appreciate. ”

Mrs. Alena also takes advantage of the cheapest Zaloan Bank loan, which she speaks as follows: “ There is always help when I need it. They are nice and helpful. ”

Zaloan Credit: up to CZK 80,000, first for free

Zaloan Credit: up to CZK 80,000, first for free

Please note that you can have up to CZK 80,000 on your Zaloan Credit account, whether you are a private person or an entrepreneur. You get it under clear conditions and with the protection of your person by a banking institution. Unexpected spending or cash flow problems will no longer take you. You decide how much money you spend on your current loan.

Get your Zaloan Credit online from the comfort of your home or office today! For every new client, it is the cheapest loan because you can borrow up to CZK 80,000 for the first time without a fee for drawing and with interest of 0% for 30 days. It means that how much money you borrow, you return so much in 30 days – just like with the first Micro loan. For example, for a loan of CZK 16,000 you will return Zaloan Bank again for CZK 16,000 in 30 days. As of day 31, a daily interest rate of 0.2833% will begin to accrue. For this example, the interest on the loan is CZK 45.33.

Thanks to the possibility of repeated use with minimal administration, Zaloan Credit ranks among the cheapest loans and has collected thousands of reviews worldwide. This is what some Czech clients have said: “You really helped me, thanks,” wrote Mr. Jaroslav on the website in September 2018. “I am satisfied with your financial company,” said Mr. Antonin one month earlier. At the same time, Mr. Radek: “Super. I didn’t really expect such quick and easy approval. ”

There is never enough experience with online loans, so we add two more: “I’m surprised at the speed and helpfulness of the negotiations. I highly recommend Zaloan Bank, ” said Mr. René.

“In the past, loans from non-bank companies or private individuals sometimes helped us home,” Ms Marcela said. “Today we have a Zaloan Credit 50,000 CZK as a financial reserve. We’re repairing the house, and that’s still some spending. After paying out, we usually settle the debt immediately so that it does not grow. We can handle what we can at Zaloan Bank via sms. Service works nonstop here. ”

Is your age between 19 and 85 and you have no obligations to Zaloan Bank? Even a loan of up to CZK 50,000 is ready for you, with zero interest for the first time – the cheapest loan on the market.